daily school activity

Morning Work Time 8:45-10:30am
Families and caregivers may drop children off in the classroom between 8:45-9:00. Students begin with self-selected or teacher-selected activities, including Montessori curriculum materials, books, beginning sound or math concept games, painting, or science activities. Teachers circle the classroom and work with individual children and small groups. Each class also has a community meeting time that includes songs, calendar activities, stories, and other routines. Starting around 9:45, children have the choice of playing inside or outside.

Snack Time 10:30-11:00am
Children eat a healthy snack while talking quietly. Before they resume active play outside, all students set their own tables for lunch, one of many sequential activities that allow children to develop concentration, coordination, memory, and grace in the Montessori curriculum.
Outside Play 11:00-12:00pm

Weather permitting, all children head outside for a variety of independent and teacher-led choices. Teacher may offer an art projects and a variety of gross-motor activities, and students might play in the sandbox, build with crates and boards, play basketball, ride a trike, swing, or climb on the climbing wall. Different age groups also attend Music, Art, Spanish or PE classes during this time.

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